Daiva’s Studio Covid-19 Policy

We are excited to welcome you back to our salons. For the safety of our staff and customers, Daiva’s Studio operations will be modified in the following ways to mitigate the risk of Covid-19 transmissions.

What to expect from our Stylists and Beauticians:

  1. All bookings will be made online or by phone.
  2. The salon will contact clients 24hrs prior to their appointment to confirm their appointment time, confirm their health and to ask them to pay a deposit.
  3. Stylists & beauticians will personally manage all entrances and exits of clients at all times. Our front doors will be kept locked to ensure this.
  4. Stylist or Beauticians are to ask clients the following four questions about their health before any consultations:
    • Have you had a cough?
    • Have you had a fever?
    • Have you been around anyone exhibiting these symptoms within the last 14 days?
    • Are you living with anybody who is sick or quarantined?
  5. A temperature check can be taken if the client looks or sounds unwell with the clients permission but not recorded.
  6. Stylists and beauticians will be wearing required PPE during all consultations. When complete, all tools will be cleaned and sanitized.
  7. Beverages will not be served to clients, except water in disposable glasses.
  8. All stylists and beauticians will work with one client at a time and should opinions be required by a colleague, social distancing will be maintained at all times.

All staff are to work within this method statement and are to have read this in conjunction with the Risk Assessment and complete the required weekly screening document.  

You can read our full Risk Assessment and Method Statements here:

Daiva’s Studio Risk Assessment
Daiva’s Studio Hair Method Statement

As our guests, we kindly request the following:

  1. We highly advise all bookings to be made online or through our Daiva’s App. Reception may be unmanned due to our busy schedules, so if you do give us a call, please leave a voicemail for a member of the team to return your call to deal with your enquiry or booking.
  2. Attend your appointment on time.  Contact us in advance if you will be late.
  3. Attend the appointment alone. Children will also need to attend alone and parents will have to wait outside. This is to reduce the amount of people in the salon at any one time.
  4. Stand outside the salon until a member of the team receives you for your appointment.  There should be no queue due to appointment confirmations beforehand.
  5. You are advised to wear your own face mask, sanitize your hands and personal belongings on arrival at our sanitizer station.
  6. We will be issuing a bag of PPE (a surgical style mask and washable gown) for you to put on before being led to the Stylists workstation.
  7. You must complete the allergy form on the Salon laptop confirming your contact details.
  8. You will be able to place your personal items on a disposable tissue on the work station. For beauty treatments, all clothing and personal items must be placed on a disposable towel as directed by the Beautician.
  9. At the end of your hair/ beauty consultations, you will be asked to remove your PPE and leave it at the work station for disposal by our staff. Any rubbish will also disposed by our staff.
  10. If you have symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone infected, please call to rearrange your appointment for after the recommended 14-day isolation period.
  11. If you have visited us within the last 14 days and suddenly show symptoms of Covid-19, please call to let us know as soon as possible.
  12. If a member of the team, or, a customer that was in the salon the same time as you, happens to show symptoms of Covid-19 within 14-days of your appointment, you shall be informed immediately.