Nashi Argan Oil

Nashi Argan Oil is the hair oil that does not need to be rinsed off.  It repairs, nourishes and gives brightness to your hair, making it light and full-bodied!  Thanks to its preparation, it reduces the drying time, so you’ll get a perfect hair set in a few minutes and your hair will be protected from UV rays. Apply it also on dry hair to add a touch of brightness to your ends and you’ll get amazing hair from the very first use!

30ml – £13.00(inc.VAT)

100ml – £31.00 (inc. VAT)


Product Description

Perfect for those who:

  • want to get a perfect hair set in ten minutes
  • want to restore the natural brightness of your hair
  • want to create a professional effect at home
  • have damaged hair
  • want light, soft and full-bodied hair

Prepared with:

Argan Oil

A rare and valuable ingredient due to its long and laborious processing.  40 kg of the fruit of Argania Spinosa is necessary to produce one litre of oil. It stimulates the vital functions of hair cells, deeply restructuring and hydrating it. High in Fatty Acids, it carries out an intense nourishing action.

Linseed Oil

Extremely rich in linoleic acid and fatty acids, this oil has great elasticising properties and helps the hair regain hydration and softness. It nourishes and encourages cell oxygenation and natural renewal.



  1. Apply a small amount of product on washed and towel-dried hair
  2. Spread it on hair with the help of a comb and then dry it off