Nashi Armonia Shampoo 

Armonia Shampoo 

Nashi Armonia Shampoo is the dermo-balancing shampoo specially designed for the treatment of all scalp types. Thanks to a specific purifying action, it cleanses and eliminates impurities, giving a pleasant sensation of hygiene and freshness.


250ml – £18.00 (inc. VAT)


Product Description

Perfect for those who:

  • want to cleanse and rebalance the scalp, while keeping the hair lengths light
  • want to counteract skin irritation


Prepared with:

Free from phosphates, parabens, PPG, EDTA, Collarants & Silicones



  1. Use a small amount of product  without diluting it
  2. Massage it on the skin for 2-3 minutes to promote the action of the active ingredients and rinse thoroughly
  3. Repeat the routine if you deem it necessary
  4. Also suitable for frequent washing