Mens Grooming Duo Gift Set


Mens Grooming Duo Gift Set

Holiday Heroes For Him

The ultimate double act to deep cleanse and hydrate men’s skin.

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About This Product

Take his grooming game to the next level with this powerful duo of multi-tasking cleansing and moisturising solutions. Expertly engineered and formulated for visible results, Deep Cleanse Facial Wash helps remove impurities and pollution while Daily Moisture Boost is the calming antidote to post-shaved skin, promoting skin suppleness.

Deep Cleanse Facial Wash 150ml – Full Size
Daily Moisture Boost 50ml – Full Size


Oak Bark

English Oak Bark helps balance and purify the skin. It is known to have antiseptic properties and helps reduce inflammation.


Chestnut Natamilk is highly skin compatible. It is rich in sugar, minerals, vitamins, lipids and proteins and helps to restore elasticity, suppleness and nutrients to the skin.

Tamanu Oil

From the Polynesian Tree of One Thousand Virtues. Well known for its regenerative and healing properties. Rich in Flavonoids, Xanthones and Lipids, it soothes and protects dry and damaged skins.